Discover the World of Sailing

Life is all about choices.

How we choose to spend our days on this planet is for each of us to decide.

There are many things we can do with our limited time, but very few activities offer as much as sailing. Sailing provides you the ability to transform a static lifestyle into one with adventure, camaraderie, challenges, and much more.

It’s a lifestyle choice where people share a common passion, a love of boats and a love of the sea. It’s through this passion and participation that you realize the significance of the relationship we have with nature and each other.

On the water you become one with the natural forces of nature. You feel the empowerment of being in control of your own fate as you as meet challenges and solve problems. Out on the water you become masters of your own destiny.

As in life you are rewarded by the goals you set and the accomplishment you achieve. Whether it’s an afternoon sail with friends, embarking on a distant journey, vacationing with family or whatever sort of sailing activity you choose, there will always be a sense of satisfaction.

If someone has never felt the pull of the tiller or the sheer strength of the wind pushing against the sails, it may be hard to understand the personal transformations that are a part of one’s life once they learn to sail.

In a fast paced world where people are competing to survive on all levels, sailing is one of the few things that can take us to a tranquil place. It’s the perfect antidote for the demands of modern society.

All of us at Spinnaker Sailing understand this and are committed to sharing our passion for sailing and love of the sea with you as we have done so since 1980. Whether it’s Learning to Sail, chartering locally or overseas, racing on the Bay or another fun sailing activity, we are all committed to making your experiences Safe, Fun and Rewarding!

We invite you to embark on your new voyage of discovery and Learning to Sail!

Fair Winds,