St. Martin 2017

Leeward Antilles Bareboat Flotilla

St. Martin, St. Barts and Anguilla May 4th-14th, 2017

   The Islands of St. Martin/St. Maarten, St. Barts and Anguilla are located in the Leeward Antilles or Leeward Islands. About 100 miles east of The Virgin Islands, this area is known for fresh breezes and wonderful contrasts between the various islands.

   St. Martin is two countries in one island. The Dutch half (St. Maarten), dates back to the 17th century. Its capital, Philipsburg, has friendly taverns on the waterfront. The French half (St. Martin) is very picturesque and has excellent food, bargain shopping for imports direct from Europe and sidewalk cafés in Marigot. St. Barts is quite chic, with numerous interesting shops and restaurants in the capital city of Gustavia. Motorscooter rentals make it easy to get around the rest of the island. Anguilla, a few miles north of St. Martin is British and less developed but has excellent diving and snorkeling in its underwater national parks.

The Boats

   Spinnaker has reserved one Moorings 48.4 monohull and two Sunsail 444 catamarans and will add more boats as they become needed. Each boat has 4 double cabins, each with it’s own electric flushing head and shower. The boats also have generators for AC power and air conditioning.See-  444 Sunsail catamaran and Moorings 484 for details.

    Join us as an individual, couple or put together your own group to charter one of our boats.  Spinnaker will reserve you a whole boat if you want to take your own friends or family an cruise along with us. If you have your own group and can act as skipper, you can charter your own boat and join the flotilla instead of joining indi- vidually or as a couple. This way you can choose the size of boat, provisioning package and other options.  Own your boat?  It’s welcome to join our flotilla as well.


   Locally, the French territory of St. Barts (St. Barthelemy) is the most sophisticated of the three islands with many high quality restaurants and shops. It also has uncrowded beaches and places to snorkel and scuba dive. Motorscooters are a popular way to get around and are available for rent. French St. Martin and Dutch St. Maarten (one island) include the yachting center of Simson Bay and Philipsburg in the Dutch terri- tory. Marigot is a free port in the French territory and a bustling town for shopping and dining. Anguilla is a somewhat sleepy British West Indian island with a wonderful system of national parks that are ideal for snorkeling, diving and enjoying nature. It also contains many fine restaurants and small but high end resorts.


We’ll generally be having breakfast and lunch aboard and dining out for dinner. Each boat’s crew will meet sometime in March to order provisions and beverages online. (There’s nothing like doing a beverage order together to help people get to know each other). The cost of food and beverages are shared among each boat’s crew although the cost of alcoholic beverage will only be shared only by those who drink. There is a supermarket at Gustavia and stores along the way for re-provisioning, as well. 

Bareboat Charter (104) & Cruising Cat Certification (114)

Basic Coastal Cruising graduates who wish to earn higher certifications may do so on this cruise. Each certification is $400 ($300 for Club Members). Bareboat Cruising candidates must have at least 3 experiences as skipper on a 27 ft. boat or greater before attempting Bareboat certification. Cruising Catamaran candidates who do not already have Bareboat certification must also take Bareboat in order to get Cruising Catamaran certification.


The cost for each double cabin is $3600.00 (hotel expenses not included, but we can assist arranging).                      $200 non-refundable deposit   $1100 due Nov 1, 2016   $1100, due December 15, 2016 Balance due February 15.

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