Review- Basic Coastal Cruising


Basic Coastal Cruising Review

Price: $125.00
Club: 93.75

Prerequisites: Basic Coastal Cruising Certification.

Description:  This one day course re-acquaints students with the sailing standards of the ASA Basic Coastal Cruising Certification course. This course is designed to refresh the skills learned in Basic Coastal Cruising and goes over fundamentals and practical skills that include review of basic sailing skills and fundamentals, safety equipment, skipper and crew responsibilities, check out / check in procedures, anchoring, understanding weather, heavy weather sailing, tides and currents, sail area reduction, destination sailing, person overboard drills, downwind sailing using a whisker pole and preventer, safety, teamwork and more.

This is a great course to take if you are looking to get ready to take the ASA Bareboat Charter 104 course and haven’t sailed in a while, or if you’d just like to go over your sailing skills before getting back out on the water.