redwood city municipal marina

Local Info

GPS - 37'30'08" N
           122'12'46 " W

Bathrooms - (4) Public and (2) Locked Marina Tenent

Shower - Inside Marina Tenent Bathrooms. Key Necessary

Laundry - Coin operated washer and dryer

Utilities - 30 amp, water

Yacht Club - Yes (Sequoia)

Launch Ramp - Yes ($5.00)

Pumpout - Yes (Free)

Sailing School - Yes
(Spinnaker Sailing)

Boat Charters - Yes
(Spinnaker Sailing)

Skippered Cruises - Yes (Spinnaker Sailing)

Rowing Club - Nearby
(Bair Island Aquatic Center )

Conference Center - Yes
(Seaport Conference Center)

Picnic Tables - Yes

Fishing Pier - Yes, No bait store

Restaurants -No


Berthing Info

182 slips

30', 35', 40', side ties for boats 25' and under, and end ties to 75'


.95 per foot per day or
$14.25 per foot per month.


Side Ties to 25' - $6.75per foot
30' slip - $7.25 per foot
35' slip - $7.50 - $7.75 per foot
40'slip - $8.25 per foot
End Ties - $10.00 per foot

Based on slip length or boat LOA, whichever is longer.


There are NO liveaboard slips in this marina

Dry Storage

Available in parking lot near launch ramp on Chesapeake Ave.
Contact Larry Mayne (650) 888-2324

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