Port of Redwood City

451 Seaport Ct., Redwood City, CA 94063

Phone: (650) 363-1390 Fax: (650)363-0725

email: redwoodcitymarina@spinnakersailing.com

There are 182 slips including¬†30′, 35′, 40′, and side ties for boats 25′ and under, and end ties up to 75′.

GPS – 37’30’08” N
122’12’46 ” W

Port of Redwood City Chart

Current Rates:

Berthing rates are charged on a per foot/per month basis based on slip or boat size (whichever is greatest).


.95 per foot per day or
$14.25 per foot per month.


Side Ties to 25′ – $6.75per foot
30′ slip – $7.25 per foot
35′ slip – $7.50 – $7.75 per foot
40’slip – $8.25 per foot
End Ties – $10.00 per foot


Port of Redwood City Application

Application must be submitted including the following required documentation:

Current registration (or documentation), proof of insurance, proof of residency, recent picture of vessel and application fee

There are NO liveaboard slips in this marina.