Club Racing

Club Racing

Interest in racing yachts dates back to the very first days of sail. Any two boats on the same heading will usually evoke a competitive spirit. Competition is everywhere around us and that holds true for the water also. Racing sailboats can provide many benefits to the sailor. It challenges each person to hone his or her skills and become more keenly aware of all things that can help improve the performance and control of the sailboat. It provides a stimulating playground where sailors match tactics and make decisions that inevitably affect the race results. Most important it fosters a spirit of teamwork and camaraderie among sailors. Participating in sailboat racing will make you a better sailor!

Beercan Racing

Spinnaker Sailing joins in on the Sequoia Yacht Clubs Wednesday Night Beercan Racing Series.

Every Wednesday night from April through September, Spinnaker Sailing Club joins in the Sequoia Yacht Club’s Wednesday Night Beer Can series. This is an informal race series and is intended to be friendly competition. Spinnaker Sailing Club boats have their own start. The Merits race as one design and the other boats under a PHRF rating.

This is FREE! for Club members.

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Winter Racing Series

This is a once a month race series that runs from November through April.

If you have any questions, send us an email or call the office at 650-363-1390 for more information.

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Cheeseburger in Paradise Regatta & BBQ

Our cheeseburger in Paradise Regatta was inspired by “Jimmy Buffet”. We’ve always related to his lifestyle that included sailing, music and a little partying. This is a fun day starting with racing up the Bay and back followed by a barbecue and socializing.

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Non-Club Racing

Our club members who wish to race in events not run by Spinnaker Sailing can do so after paying a racing fee of 50% of the boat’s charter fee.

If you wish to use a spinnaker there is an additional $25 spinnaker fee.