Sailing Classes

Learn to Sail with Confidence

As an American Sailing Association affiliate our courses are designed to give students internationally recognized ASA certification for the various levels of achievement. Successful completion of these courses qualify students to operate boats and equipment as outlined. The classes listed on this page are being offered from our Redwood City Marina location.

ASA certification classes are to be taken in order as follows:

1. Basic Keelboat Sailing

2. Basic Coastal Cruising

3. Bareboat Chartering

Learning to sail is easy with our convenient schedules and study guides:

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Basic Keelboat Sailing 1

Basic Keelboat Sailing 2 (ASA 101)

Basic Keelboat 1&2 (ASA 101)

Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103)

Bareboat Cruising
(ASA 104)

Bareboat Charter Vacation (ASA 104)

Coastal Navigation (ASA 105)

Motoring and Docking (ASA 118)

Celestial Navigation (ASA 107)

Beginning Spinnaker


Catalina 27 Qualification

Night Sailing

Sailing Camp for Kids

Private Lessons

Learn to Sail Your Boat!

Basic Keelboat Sailing REVIEW

Basic Coastal Cruising REVIEW

Basic Spinnaker Handling REVIEW