Celestial Navigation

Celestial Navigation

Celestial Navigation (ASA 107)

Price: $425.00
Club: $318.75

Prerequisites: Basic Keelboat Sailing Certification

Description: Learn how to find your position anywhere in the world using a few techniques, some tools and simple math. This course will prepare you to navigate using the sextant. You will learn how to adjust the sextant and take shots of the sun, moon, planets and stars. You will also learn how to do sight reduction, i.e., taking the altitude reading from the sextant, the time from a chronometer, and an assumed position and finding your position. This class is held once a week for six consecutive evenings from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. All classes are held in the classroom. The standard text book for this class is Dutton’s Navigation and Plotting. Also needed is the Starfinder 2102 D. If you have them already, great. If you need them you can either order them yourself, or we can get them for you for an additional $100. Sextants can be found at West Marine or on Amazon. (Be careful, some of the cheaper ones are only 4″ or 5″ or 6″ tall. Look for one @ 12″ or so.)

We schedule this class when enough people express an interest. If you’d like to take this class, put your name on the list. When we get enough people interested,  we’ll email you with suggested dates and times and you can tell us when you are available. We will schedule the class to accommodate as many people as possible.

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