Bareboat Cruising Vacation

Bareboat Charter Vacation

Bareboat Cruising Vacation (ASA 104)

Price: $400.00
Club: $300.00

Prerequisites: ASA 101 and ASA 103 Certification and some skippering experience.

Description: You still get the same certification as our normal Bareboat Charter class, but you will get all of your sailing instruction on one of our group sailing vacations. Enjoy multi-tasking as you sail in an exotic location, anchor in beautiful coves, cook and clean in a beautiful yacht. If you sign up for one of our overseas sailing vacations and you have Basic Coastal Cruising certification we can put you on a yacht that one of our instructors is skippering and he can show you everything you need to know to pass the course as you go around and do everything that is covered in the certification course, and have a memorable time doing it.